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Hear what our clients have to say. 

We pride ourselves on our client relationships and the results we deliver for the brands we work with.

Don’t just take our word for it—hear what our clients have to say!


"The Ivy Social team are a dream to work with! They understand our brand and know exactly what we’re trying to achieve.

We’ve been able to step back and have a broader view of our brand since Ivy Social are just nailing our social and digital platforms. They are giving us the time to think strategically about what’s next and they’re guiding us through the next growth stages for our business. 

Ivy Social originally came on board with us to help with our social media management, however, we’ve continued to give them more opportunities with us, as we love how easy they are to work with.


We love how strong they are in the digital, social and creative space. Our engagement, brand development and awareness through social media have definitely improved.

Ivy Social have been able to see and interpret the vision for our brand and continue to build and develop it alongside us. They feel like a creative and social extension of our team!"

Luna Bronze

“We chose Ivy Social as they came with great recommendations and because they are a human-sized company.

Ivy Social is very organised and very reliable, we really recommend them. Since working with Ivy Social we are very consistent with posts, stories and emails and the designs are great. It gives us a great base to build our brand even further.


We love working with Emily and her team, her personality is great and her “yes attitude” is a real pleasure. Our following has grown a lot and the engagement on our account is awesome!"

Goldfield & Banks Australia

AS_DOD_PateySt 4.jpg

"We’ve been working with Ivy Social for over five years, and since then, our business has shown that our social media has been run extremely well with good content. All our users and engagement rates have increased significantly. This has increased sales which at the end of the day is what it is all about.


Our favourite aspect of working with Ivy Social has been dealing with competent and friendly staff who are always happy to respond in a timely manner to all our requirements.


We have been able to concentrate on our core business activity and let the Ivy Social team run and maintain our social media and marketing for our business. You could not go wrong in dealing with Ivy Social as they are great communicators, and extremely competent. No issue is too small or large."

Blackett Homes

"We chose Ivy Social because they seemed to know the most in the market as well as had better processes and systems to stay organised. 


Since working together over the past 12 months, we have achieved 3x growth in our followers (7k to 21k+), created a more well-known brand that generates inbound leads, and increased the volume of our video content on Instagram and TikTok, which we didn’t do previously. 

The account executives are always very responsive and easy to work with.


If someone was looking for a social media agency, we would simply recommend them to work with Ivy over other agencies in the market."

Region Media


"Customers often come in and say ‘wow, you guys are smashing it on socials right now’. 


Our organic content has helped enquiries and is something our followers and the team at the dealership really enjoy. There have been times when an image has been posted that has just gone crazy and we’ve had calls from prospects asking if they can come to see that car!

The Ivy Social team are so easy to work with. The best aspect of Ivy Social is their knowledge of the backend of social media – algorithm, ad placements, etc.

Ivy Social’s experience in marketing allows them to offer well-rounded professional advice, they can answer any questions we throw at them!"

Mercedes-Benz Canberra

"Ivy Social were fundamental in allowing us to successfully establish and market the sale of almost 50 townhouses through digital ads. To have them all sold with a waitlist of people wanting to buy into future townhouses is a credit to the team at Ivy.

We originally chose Ivy Social because they're a tight-knit team, with solid expertise in their field, as well as their ability to customise content for the business. 

We have now been with Ivy for five years and the biggest change has been the growth in brand awareness. The team is always keen, willing and competent to jump in and provide their expertise - from running social media, organising photoshoots, or developing full-blown TV-quality commercials and testimonials. "

The Henry, Canberra

201222-Lowres-TheHenry- 93

"The Ivy Social team were originally recommended to us by another company we were working with that we trusted. If you’re thinking about working with them, we’d say ‘do it’ (in fact, we have already told a number of colleagues to do so!).


We have absolutely noticed a positive change in our business since working with Ivy—not only do the stats show growth in engagement, but we are also achieving quality leads to assist with generating new business. Receiving quality leads means no need for cold calls from our team.


Our favourite part of working with Ivy Social has been the camaraderie and actively working together to achieve our goals."

Blackshaw Belconnen

"Since working with Ivy Social, our users are more engaged and our numbers have gone up. We have achieved further reach for our events and our audience has grown.


The friendliness of the staff has been amazing. They are always happy to help and nothing is too hard for them. It is a delight. The team are professional and approachable. From the first phone call, I knew I wanted to work with them.


If someone was considering working with Ivy Social, I would say do it! They do an excellent job and really put themselves into the work. They care about what they do and how they can help you."

National Science Week ACT

Canberra social media manager
Canberra marketing agency

"We’ve found the Ivy Social team to always be fun, happy and highly engaged. Nothing is ever too hard and they are always understanding and supportive of our challenges.

Ivy Social are professional with a clear structure around processes and internal controls. They have a clear simple and modern style that aligns with our own approach. The team are willing to listen and understand our business situation rather than apply a ‘cooker cutter’ approach.

Ivy’s advice and insights have been helpful to direct our marketing spend in an effective and targeted way. We've achieved a much improved social media presence, but with a far reduced workload. What’s not to love about that!"

Scott Leggo Gallery

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